Vinegar Hill Vintage Clothing has recently launched our Cause Marketing strategy.  We are using our Cause Marketing Strategy as part of our corporate responsibility. We are partnering with organizations and social entrepreneurs that we believe are making a difference in the communities in which we seek to impact.  We enter into these mutually beneficial relationships whereas we manufacture apparel to create awareness for our partners and our brand.  A percentage of profits generated in cause marketing sales go directly to the partner and include the Vinegar Hill logo on the apparel item. We do this for the dual purpose of increasing profitability while bettering society at the same time. 

Our Cause Marketing partners are Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, Zy Bryant who is an activist and social entrepreneur in Charlottesville, The Vinegar Hill Magazine, and A Legacy Unbroken (Documentary). We believe that all three of these cross-sector projects are doing great work in the Central Virginia region and beyond.  Please feel free to purchase their items below.