The Vinegar Hill Vintage Clothing Co. is named after a community in Charlottesville that was first settled by Irish families in the early 1800s and later became a historically African-American neighborhood and business district at the turn of the 19th century.  Our brand invites all people to celebrate a time in Charlottesville's history where industriousness and entrepreneurial activity was the norm.  

The simplicity of our design embodies the modern entrepreneurial spirit and pays homage to the former bustling business district in Charlottesville, Virginia during the industrial revolution.  We hope that our brand inspires people to be more industrious and entrepreneurial as we rapidly move further into the information age.

As a result of our commitment to encouraging self-sufficiency, reliance, and determination, we have plans in the future to reserve a percentage of our profits for venture capital for aspiring and burgeoning business women and men who have a desire to launch their business within the Charlottesville Metropolitan Area.    

We are more than a clothing company. Vinegar Hill is an artistic and business mindset. Join us as we seek to heighten the conversation about business, art, and culture from our headquarters in Charlottesville to every corner of the world.